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Pittsburgh's T, like many public transit agencies that started as trolley companies, has a rich tradition of full-vehicle advertising, especially for local advertisers, featuring a trolley painted for Clark Bars, the "Terrible Trolley" for the '70s Steelers, and the psychedelic Mod Trolley. As the PCC fleet aged, however, the full-ad trolleys slowly disappeared, either retired or repainted after rebuilding. The last PCC cars were retired in 1999, replaced by 4100-series light-rail trolleys (LRVs or LRTs), and PAT was leery of even putting small external ads on their new toys. Flash forward to 2013; for reasons unknown (maybe warranty expiration on the rebuilt 4200-series cars?), PAT puts full-car wraps for Rivers Casino on two cars, reigniting a Pittsburgh tradition. PAT has wrapped a total of 18-20 cars since then, not including partial body wraps and small external ads that began popping up in 2015. I am fairly confident I caught most, if not all, of the wraps from 2013-2018; I cannot speak with as much confidence for 2019 to the present because of college. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this mostly complete record!

Approximate Chronological Order.


Car 4242? | Rivers Casino Blue (6:17)

Car 4212 | Rivers Casino Tricolor (6:29)


Cars 4219, 4221? | Highmark Community Blue (6:46)


Car 4222 | PAAC 50th "Pittsburgh Railways PCC” (4:59). Still running today.


Car 4230 (+2) | First Niagara Yellow (4:22)

Car 4255 | Highmark #1 Pittsburgh Sports Fan (1:22)


Car 4238 | First Niagara Penguins Mastercard (0:00)

Car 4241 | AHN “All for Health” (6:35)

Car 4255 | UPMC Purple (3:40)


Car 4237 | Pittsburgh Zoo “Jungle Odyssey” (6:57)

Cars 4254, 4250 | Penn State “Nittany Lions” (7:12)


Car 43X5 | Holiday Express (7:23)


Car 4235 | “Hail to Pitt” Football (2:25)


Car 4210 | Pittsburgh Zoo ‘Adventure” (2:52)

Car 42XX | Rivers Casino Maroon (6:14)

Car 4239? | Highmark pink trolley (7:25)


Car 4234? | Blue Line Library to Silver Line (7:43)

More information on the Holiday Express:

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Very nice job putting that video together, Dan!  You got a lot of them for sure.  I don't get down to Pittsburgh much to see them and am almost never in the South Hills.  I do recall the PCC cars.  I saw them mostly when I was going to Penn Tech from 1974-76.  One day I almost got clipped by one at one of the triangular intersections at Liberty Avenue.  I was watching the wrong traffic light (easy for a country boy to do there) and started to cross the street.  One of the PCC cars came bearing down at me, and I had to run across the street.  I have one of the MTH models of those cars.

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