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MartyE posted:

The folks at Lionel might as well just release the thing online I mean it's showing up everywhere.  Unless you are willing to enforce the no catalog before the online release then all the secrecy is a moot point.  

I totally agree Marty. This is just getting stupid. For the second catalog in a row, dealers have gotten hard copies prior to the scheduled release date. Last time a kid posted it on YouTube, and Lionel begged Alan to try and "put the toothpaste back in the tube" here on the forum. This shouldn't be his problem, it should be Lionel's. If they can't control either their printer or their dealers, then they might as well level the playing field, and just put it up online, as soon as the customers get a whiff. This is simply nonsense. This never used to happen. What changed this year?

Big_Boy_4005 posted:
yamaha226 posted:

It is all part of the hype. People jumpin from web site to web site lookin for a peek.


That concept had crossed my mind. If that's the plan, it's kind of working. But then Lionel shouldn't come back and ask Alan to clean up the forum, like last time.

Unless Lionel thought that there was something even slightly damaging in the thread.  Typically the threads that happens to are when people complain about the quality - or lack thereof.

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