AlanRail posted:

they got us all talking about it.

wasn't that the point??

We always talk about catalogs without additional provocation.

The only thing they really buy with this stunt, is a little more ordering time. I'm not sure it increases the total orders by much. It sure isn't going to change the delivery schedule. That was probably set before it even went to the printer. 

Wouldn't it be a better plan to not set a hard date in the first place? Then when the printer says they're ready to ship, you set it for online release within a day or two of the scheduled arrival. That way everyone can see it at the same time, and the hard copies will be out in the next day or so, and the fun can really begin. 

Personally, I don't need a hard copy to place my order. I know some of you guys love them. Charlie Ro eventually sends me one, which I put on my book shelf with all the others, for future reference.

As Elliott said: "Wouldn't it be a better plan to not set a hard date in the first place?"  

I think so.  But.  I really like the extra publicity that Lionel as gotten here.  Why would it be in Lionel's interest to keep this a secret?

I will probably order quite a few items from this catalog ... but I will wait until I have the catalog in my hands.  

"Gotta" love toy trains.  




Fredstrains posted:

Looks like Marty got his way!!  Lionel is going to release it on their Website Monday Morning at 9:00 AM.     LOL 


They might as well since they probably lose some sales holding it back.


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