Hey Lionel, wishlist for Volume 1 in 2018

GenesisFan99 posted:
Dj'sOgaugetrains posted:

21" amtrak superliners with stationsounds diners.


I totally agree so long as it gets done in Phase IVb. The thing is they'd be very expensive and would sell very quickly, making it hard to get a set. 

Another issue is there would need to be enough cars with different numbers for people like me interested in running 10-11 or even 12 car sets, not 7. Typical consist is 4 coaches, 3 sleepers, 1 transition, diner, heritage baggage/viewliner baggage, and sightseer lounge (plus pacific parlour for coast starlight if you manage to snag a 3rd rail hi level lounge and repaint it). 

If that was overcome and Lionel did it, I would pre order a set in a heartbeat.

Phase IVb would be a must, cause I think a majority of sales would be for that scheme. But for me I'm a phase I-III modeler so I would want to see the renovated step-down coach-dorms offered with a heritage baggage in phase III, along with the standard coaches, coach/ baggage, lounge& diner,  and sleepers. 

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