OK,  what I'm looking to buy is the Lionel 6-25654 SRR Crescent pass. cars. (I know,,I know..)   Just for the record or your information, I had the top bid at Stout auctions on the 6-25654 set.  I also had the top bid on the 3 add on SRR cars.  I won the bid on the 3 add ons and have paid for the cars.  Greg informed me that a mistake was made and the 6-25654 set was shipped to the 2nd highest bid.  AH SO.  The bottom line is.... I ain't got no 6-25654.   My request to you please. If you would stay on the lookout for the 6-25654 I would appreciate it very much. 

My best contact is the email in my profile.

Thanks all



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Tommy, I edited your post just a little. You should never, ever, put your email address in open text in an internet post. That’s a sure way to get your email address on to all kinds of spammers lists.

Rich Melvin

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