After mailing today's packages, the postal clerk mentioned a rate hike scheduled for the end of this month.  Dimensional weights will be used for smaller packages.  Is anyone else aware of such a rate increase?  John in Lansing, ILL

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When the postal clerk starts measuring your box, you know you're in trouble.   Those dimensional inputs can drive up shipping costs big time. I've been told a number of times by Postal clerks that it isn't the weight that factors most into the shipping cost -- it's the size of the container. How much space the box is going to take up in the truck or plane or whatever is the major factor in determining shipping cost.

Nothing really new here - cost of shipping USPS has been determined by the combination of weight, box dimensions, and zones(truck vs. plane) variables for quite a while. Rates go up and you either factor that in to your sales or eat the loss, and get over it...unless you just want to P&M and hand-wring.

Best bets are to use the USPS rate calculator on-line to determine in advance what you will be paying to ship something.  Other best bet is to use the flat rate boxes particularly when you are shipping something that is heavy. 

Proper packing and materials to use is another topic altogether.

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Maybe they're combating shipping abuse (or maybe shipping laziness?).

There's nothing quite like my wife getting a couple of practically weightless ladies' blouses she ordered on line, in a box big enough to hold at least three (3)  Lionel Polar Express sets! 

With a small handful of weightless padding material thrown in for good measure. 




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