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Hi Mike,

The tallest tower configuration is 20.5 inches.  You can assemble from one to six tiers, with each tier being three inches tall.  However, Tier 1 also includes "concrete" bridge piers that add 1.5 inches to the overall height.  The Ross girder bridges sit on top of the towers and add another inch.  So, the tallest tower from the bottom up includes...

1.5in bridge piers + 3in Tier 6 + 3in Tier 5 + 3in Tier 4 + 3in Tier 3 + 3in Teir 2 + 3in Tier 1 + 1in Girder Bridge = 20.5"

Here are the widths (measured across the outside edges of the bridge piers) and prices for each tier...

4in Girder Bridge (sits on top of tower) - $39.95

Tier 1 (includes the bridge piers) - 4.938in - $69.95

Tier 2 - 5.888in -  $54.95

Tier 3 - 6.839in - $59.95

Tier 4 - 7.789in - $64.95

Tier 5 - 8.739in - $69.95

Tier 6 - 9.690in - $74.95

FYI, each tier comes with a sticker that shows you where to place the bridge piers.  You start by drawing a center line for your bridge, and place a bridge abutment at the start of that line.  Measure the length of the Ross Girder Bridge (9 , 12, 18, 21, 24, 30, or 36 inches) from the abutment to the first tower.  Place the sticker from the bottom tier of the first tower on the center line at your measured girder bridge spacing.  This gives you a clear outline for each bridge pier.

I don't have access to my business computer right now, but I will post some photos and diagrams when I get home.

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