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I am having trouble getting the track on the bridge get close to the track on the land.  When I space the 2 tracks so that the bridge operates smoothly, without any rubbing of the 2 tracks when I raise and lower the bridge, the space needed to do this makes a large separation and the train has to be run slowly over this section because of the size of the separation. 

So what kind of hinges should I be using that might allow me to have the 2 tracks closer together?

This is my first layout in 50 years so I know I am missing various methods of doing things.  Would appreciate all the help I can get.


Bill O'Neill

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I powered the bridge from the hinge end, but to power the yard tracks, I used spring contacts so I didn't have to get power over to that corner, it was going to be significant work to do that neatly.

The little divots are for the screws and solder connections on the mating contacts to the bridge could close flush.

Power contacts on the yard side of the bridge.

Each track has a lighted toggle, and all the power is coming through the contacts above so there's no extra wires running across the floor or along the wall.


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It's not a special hinge, it's the placement of the pivot point ABOVE the top of the rails.

picture by @wparisi

Notice the spacer blocks to place the hinge pivot at or above the top of the surface of the metal rails.


Looks like a neater version of my bridge. I had had the section as a lift-out for years, got tired of it, positioned it carefully, and "just" screwed some hinges in place very much like yours. Only had to have 2 shots positioning the hinges. The second one worked. Quick conversion considering the effect. Planning - go figure.

The down side is the appearance of the hinges and the supports. I need to devote some real thought to making them look better - been saying that for years, so....

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