It’s not a matter of appreciation, it’s a matter of language. I expect considered words when describing other people’s models. I don’t care what anyone thinks, but private and public speech are different animals. Besides, it’s not like 99% of 3 rail wouldn’t be easy to destroy in a couple of words. I don’t do it because I’m a decent person.

Raw photography vs staged, airbrushed advertisements must first be discerned before an honest assessment of realistic detail can be given.  Commercial artist trick 101, de-emphasize the unsightly.  Any of the staged photos above are good examples of this.  The black and white raw shot shows the much pronounced coupler door detail that hasn't been doctored.

I suppose any self respecting aficionado of prewar design shouldn't be without an E1.  Sunset could definitely help me solve this issue.  If only the procurement department would see my logic and OK the financing.



Completely designed with your mind in mind.

I thought this was apparent, but it seems like for some it isn't. There are two types of doors being discussed. As delivered E1s had a bolted pilot door, but after a few weeks Santa Fe swapped them for opening "ribbed" pilot doors. The latter was in Keys depiction. 

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I have always liked your photos; well lit, proper focus, no distracting backgrounds. Keep them coming.

So true.  Santiago, great pics as always. These are incredible models and anyone who owns them is very fortunate.  All things considered about pilot doors and getting the correct color, let's hope the Sunset version meets our expectations.





"Moreover, experience proves that there is virtually no limit to the amount of cars, track, equipment, etc., the scale model railroader will buy once you have planted the "system" idea in his head. The more he has, the more he still wants." A.C. Gilbert Co. - 1947

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