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Here are some photos of an original HO Factory layout that is still used. Not mine but was shown to our train club.

A little history on the train set. It was a contest prize (guess the # of railroad tacks in a plastic container) for the show Hobbies Unlimited in 1961 with Ron Morrier the host on CHAN TV Channel 8. Played with it for a few years until trains were not “COOL”. It was nailed up to the ceiling in my Dad’s workshop where it stayed for 45 years. When it came time to move my Dad from his residence of 67 years I brought the set home and had great boyhood memories repairing and rebuilding, getting everything working again. Not all the F9 locomotives and rolling stock in the video are Lionel, but I have all the original units. There is a good sized box of spare stuff that goes with it. Enjoy !!!

What kind of value might this be worth? And how much interest is there in HO layouts by Lionel?

Here is the link to the drop box of the full size images and video;



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Nice setup. I love the Lionel HO stuff. While it may not be as well known and popular as the O gauge stuff, those who follow Lionel HO value it. As was already mentioned their is value in the memories. However there is monetary value as well. From what I see the most desirable (and expensive) piece is the snowplow engine.  Hopefully it works and you have the box. I am reluctant to give dollar values here, so do a search on Ebay. I just took a fast look and there are none currently on auction. I think you'll be surprised at what they can sell for.  The operating accessories and the operating cars are what I like the most. Most HO'ers are into modeling and prototypes, while I like the play value. They are toy trains after all.  I am happy to see such a nice running Lionel HO layout.

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