Hi all, I'm attempting my first holiday layout for under the Christmas tree.  Trying to build a 5'x10' Fastrack plan for under the tree using SCARM.  The layout would be comprised of two 5'x5' panels that fit together, with a hole in the middle for the tree (I have a fairly large tree; would be difficult trying to support the tree on the layout).  I created a fairly basic track plan that has 2 tracks for running two trains at the same time, with 1 mountain/tunnel in the top right of the layout  Tunnels look offset in here but bought a double tunnel portal, so entrances would be at same point.  Tried to leave room for scenery/buildings in it.   I tried using crossovers but couldn't get them to fit within the layout plan.  Large rectangle is a train station (hoping it fits), and added some sample buildings.  


Looking for feedback on this.  Do I need the siding on the outer loop?


PB Holiday Layout 11-13


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