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I just got a quantity of Lionel Fast Track with some turnouts at a ridiculously low price, so low I wanted to tell the seller that it was too low.  But his ad did show him dropping the price over a few weeks so perhaps no O gauger that might have wanted Fast Track saw it.  I'm happy for the deal, but still think I stole them.

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Setting a selling price for any particular item is always a guess. I had bought a bunch of MTH track and switches (at auction pre-pandemic) for a layout build for my grandson - which was later nixed under no uncertain terms. I wanted to get rid of the stuff so I priced it at half of the going rate on the bay. Most everything went quick and I was glad to have those items out of the house.  I think someone on this forum bought the majority of the track and got a "steal".

Sellers have all sorts of reasons and motivations, so just because you think you got a steal, the seller is probably glad to have the items gone.  BTW I still have 2 complete circles of MTH 031 realtrax - someone can have "at a ridiculously low price".    Jeff

Like Jeff said, sometimes people set prices just to get it gone quickly. I've done it.

On the other hand, I bought a shotgun from a very sweet, elderly widow in Pennsylvania three years ago. She did not know what she had ... beautiful Belgium-made Browning that her husband bought new in 1956. Well used, but meticulously taken care of. I insisted that she take significantly more money from me than she had asked for.

Other than a situation like that, I would enjoy the deal you lucked into. Happy Railroading.


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