I work for Hitachi Rail these days as a system integrator, formally Union Switch and Signal. We are currently deploying our driverless ATC solution in Honolulu. 

This system will be capable of fully unattended operation when complete. The onboard ATC will follow wayside speed limits and stop the train within 6” of the target location. The onboard ATC then coordinates opening the vehicle and platform gates at the same time. It then coordinates closing the doors and departs when commanded by the central control office.

These are from December when we ran the train for the first time in the yard in full Auto. Unfortunately in this video we overshot the stopping location. I found out we had a difference in our onboard map compared to as installed wayside. 


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My question would be how unattended? I've been stuck inside dead, unattended monorails at stations for hours, four times on 3 systems, 1.5 -3.5 hours waiting for the doors to open again .... after overshooting the stop... a foot or two 🙄

Good luck, and I'd likely jump right in too. But "just sayin'", one mininum wage security gaurd waiting for a com./emergency alert vs an onboard operator that could have simply let us out... I would spend the extra buck on the moble human to make to call on moving again, NOW 😐

  It's not the wait so much as the lack of toilet. And after a couple of hours, more often than not, someone old or young lets loose of something embarrassing to wear home, smell causing vomit etc.... I'd pay $2... I'd call Uber... *$~# 😝  ...is that a Bird scooter 😍, lol.

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