I am getting ready to hook up my DCS remote. We have read that we can take the TIU and plug in an optional aux. power supply of 18V 1 AMP and not run the transformer thru the TIU. I will be operating two separate loops on my layout split by my #8 Ross Crossover. Power will come from my Z4000 Track One and Track Two. Now there is talk about the use of the TIU for this installation, but do I need two TIUs to be able to run from one loop to the other loop? It sounds like I can use the remote on "Super TIU" to accomplish this; but do I need two TIUs. We are thinking one TIU and use the two outputs numbered one and two. So are fixed voltage separate from one another?  If you used two TIUs would they just be fighting eachother?

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Put track 1 on fixed 1, put track 2 on fixed 2. Plug a Z500 brick into the AUX power port and go. 

Thats all thats to it. TIU has 4 internal channels that will independently run off 4 different power sources.


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You don't need 2 TIUs. The TIU's channels are isolated. You can use Fixed channel 1 for loop 1 and fixed channel 2 for loop 2. Power them from your Z4000 as you describe. You don't need to use super TIU mode.

My setup is pretty close to yours with two isolated loops and 2 TIU channels. Main difference is power, I am using 2 PH-180s, one per channel. I am using a Z500 (from an MTH set) to power my TIU through it's Aux power port.

Yes, I don't have a Ross crossover, but I have crossovers between my loops and go back and forth between loops all the time. Not a problem.

The only time you could have a problem is when using two separate transformers for each loop. In that case both would have to be in phase. Usually a more common problem with older transformers having non-polarized plugs, like the old ZWs and other postwar stuff. You should not have a problem using two handles of a Z4000 as they will already be in phase.

Jeff B. Haertlein posted:

OK, but can I run between these two isolated loops via my #8 crossover??

Sure. Just put 18v on both loops and the train will run right through. The inputs are separate, the signal is laid over all the outputs, so the train will pick it up seamlessly. 


"Of course we know its O-gauge or no gauge." -- Sheldon Cooper

Jeff, you should contact Ross to make sure you have the double crossover wired correctly so you have two independent tracks/loops. If they are, then the advice above of using two channels on one TIU will work fine. If you power separately, then any 2 channels will work. 

Is there a reason you want to run the TIU in "passive" mode (transformer only connected to output side?

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