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@BlueFeather posted:

I got an email last week that they're on the ship headed to Port of LA.  You can track 'em here:

RESIDENT_CLEVELAND" target="_blank">

That is an interesting site. BTW, I was under the impression the 3rd Rail did not bill until the item was in their hands; oh well, I shall enjoy it when it gets here.

They sent out invoices sometime ago.  They won't charge your credit card until the ship actually gets here.  Scott said that would be sometime towards the end of June.


Received 15 May:
Hi Folks,
The container ship with your Gondolas is currently on it's way from
Shanghai China (Easter China) to Pusan Korea.
From this point it can take another 20-30 days to reach Oakland
depending on the port delays / schedules. We will keep you informed
once we have a clear arrival date. For now, just sit back and relax,
they will be here when they get here and we will process your orders
as soon as they arrive.
The link below is one of many maritime ship locators. You don't have
to sign up to see where the ship is. But it's interested to check
from time to time to see it's progress.  I've often wondered what it
would be like to go as a passenger on one of these journeys.
Best Regards,
Scott Mann
Your best choice for model trains.

Here's the latest from Scott.   The pallets with gondolas were not loaded on the Cleveland so will be delayed several weeks.


Email from Scott:

Hi Again Folks,
We had a communication issue which is now cleared up at the Qingdao
office of our Freight Forwarder. They were not telling us when our
pallets were on board or not. The lady who is in charge of scheduling
these things has been asked to keep us updated properly from now on.
I received her apology and an on-board confirmation for the vessel
President Roosevelt.
I wanted to wait until we were absolutely sure when our shipment was
on board before I give you an update. We are now sure we are on the
President Roosevelt now entering Shanghai port on it's 22-30 day
journey to Oakland. So with my apologies these cars will be later
than previously expected and should be in our hands by the end of
June.  You can track the President Roosevelt using the link below.
So again, please sit back and relax, your models are on their way and
will be here in 22-30 days or the end of June. Once they are here we
will process and ship your models to you.
Scott Mann

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