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Hachette has made a large range of trains similar to the Hornby M series maybe 15 years ago.  They cannot compare in anyway to the original ones, poor quality of clockwork mechanism, very light tin, the litho was not too bad.

 They made many never was pieces, just inspired by Hornby products. Some collectors enjoy to modify the locos to electric ones by using original Hornby motors.

 For me it is just Chinese junk but it is only a personal opinion…..

 If you make a search through goggle you will see the entire line of models.



Very best,  Daniel

Many were offered as bonuses for purchasing a train magazine. I have a set of the PLM streamliner that I use for static display only. Have never tried to run it. Flimsy is the correct word for the sheetmetal too. I think there were about 140 different items offered, Fred's website has a complete list, I believe. 

hachete plm

Jim O'C

Upstate NY/So VT


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They were not so much a promotional item, as it was a part work magazine, whereby you got a magazine and a train item every week for the duration of the series, which was something like 45 or 50 issues. As the others have said, they are made from thin tinplate, but they are very colourful and have the virtue of being cheap! Most of the people I know who have them have removed the clockwork motors, truly the most awful bit of all of it, and fitted ETS electric mechs.

Cheers, Mark

A very good reason to remove the original Hachette motor is because it lacks a speed governor. When I wound up my example, it traveled about 200mph and left the layout! It was only after the fact that I discovered the cause. Kids would love these as delivered!

Eric Hofberg


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