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Here is a hot glue job I did yesterday. About every 3 to 4 years I have to change the battery to the doorbell for the train room. Kind of a special size. A23 - 24 volt Alkaline for this wireless doorbell. The bell part is in the basement, near the layout. A cordless hot glue gun is the best way to go & I have a lot of RYOBI power tools. All the batteries are interchangeable.

The replacement glue sticks are sold everywhere like hobby shops & hardware stores.

1 Doorbell Hot Glue

2 Doorbell Hot Glue

Gary - Hope to see you out rail-fanning. 🚂


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  • 1 Doorbell Hot Glue
  • 2 Doorbell Hot Glue
@Railrunnin posted:

Not to steal the intent of the OP for this thread...

Several have said something to the effect of "there are bunches of uses for a good glue gun"

Pardon my ignorance, but what are you using them for? I haven't built a layout in quite a few years.


On the layout, for the most part, I also use it to attach small scenery items like people, trees, bushes, signs, barrels, etc.

I've also used it to fill a previously drilled hole that was no longer needed. A little piecs of paper in the hole, fill it with hot glue, wait a minute until it cools and hardens, then trim level with a razor blade

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