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if you are using a foam knife for scenery you dont need it.

Last night I finished a whole section of scenery that was made from chopped sections of foam attached with Great Stuff (controlled flow canister).  Let dry,

Then, I hand (in plastic glove) spread a thin layer of drywall compound over the foam creating a thin shell over the foam. Also, so I can spray paint oil-based paint on the foam "shell" surface without the foam melting due to the acetone and oil in the paint.

Then while the compound is still wet, I used the Lenardo Da Vinci method (Sistine Chapel) and using green, gray and brown spray paint (ok, Leo didn't have that!) on the compound

Finally, spread various Woodland Scenics' ground covers, grasses, course Turf etc, directly on the wet paint.

sce 1sce 2sce 3sce 4

need a bit of vacuum, Note the beginnings of lake and new waterfall is shown in the last photo.

the flat areas are for the bridges not shown.

Oh and I have several hot knifes; but I found after you add the turfs you dont see the hot knife grooves any more.


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I use a Dremel mulit-max to cut and carve rigid foam. Keep a shopvac nozzle near the work area to catch the crumbs.

I'm not a fan of hot wire cutters due to the toxic fumes emitted from the foam.

I also use Alan's method of foam chunks to add detail. I usually topcoat everything with plaster cloth and a coat of thinned joint compound applied with a paint brush to fill in any gaps and saw marks.

2021-01-17 07.59.132021-01-18 20.23.592021-01-23 19.43.472021-01-25 07.14.58



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@AlanRail posted:


really nice work, I can almost feel the earth trying to overpower the wood retaining walls,

@Lionelski posted:

Beautiful work AlanHN and Bob.

Thanks for sharing your inspirational talents

Thanks gents. It was a fun project and one that I had been putting off for a long time. I had to build a platform to climb on to reach the corner. Too bad the upper level track hides a lot of it.

2021-04-01 08.05.292021-04-01 08.05.432021-01-31 16.08.43


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@AlanRail posted:


thanks BUT this method is easy and fast to do.

I call this commercial modelling; it's what I can accomplish during the time a commercial runs on TV.

SSSF   Slop, spread, spray, flock.

@Buco posted:

Alan....just love that "commercial modelling" description.....laughed and laughed!!!

Peter....Buco Australia.

Great description Alan. I approach model landscaping the same as I do 1:1. If I don't like the results, rip it out and start over. These materials are cheap, not like assembling a building that you want to look just right.


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