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...but the signals could be clearer more like those AM aircraft transmissions.

Those aircraft are at high altitude...nothing gets in the way of their signals. That's why they are clearer.

Going to try a better quality telescopic antenna which I purchased for a previous scanner with an SMA antenna connection.

To take full advantage of this expensive scanner, you need an OUTDOOR antenna mounted on your roof or chimney, like this one. It mounts to a piece of pipe. All VHF signals are "line of sight" meaning they don't bend around the surface of the earth the way low frequency AM broadcast band radio signals do. The AM broadcast band is in the frequency range of .550 Mhz to 1.790 Mhz, a much lower frequency band than the 160+ Mhz VHF (Very High Frequency) signals you want to receive.

VHF signals propagate in a straight line from the sending antenna. Anything between you and the sending antenna (buildings, hills, the walls of your house, etc.) weaken the signal. The higher your receiving antenna is, the fewer obstacles there are between you and the sending antenna, and the clearer the signals will be for you.

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Discones receive over a lot of frequencies, but they have no gain.  Depending on his location gain could help pull in signals.

But an antenna for Railroads could hurt his receiving the trunked public service services.  With digital, you get the transmission, or you do not...

This seems to be one of those times the antenna choice is like Goldilocks:  Just right!

But one outside with good coax would help greatly.

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