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Originally Posted by Husker:

Anyone have good experiences or horror stories for the Econo Lodge, 222 Arsenal Rd (US-20 & I-83) in York?

The one near Round the Clock?  That was a Motel 6 at one time.  It is NOT my favorite hotel...but others I know have stayed there recently and have had no problems.  Their rate goes up York week...a lot.

I have stayed at 2 "El Cheapo" motels that were less than 2 miles from the fairgrounds, the Rodeway Inn, and Super8. They were fine, IMO, but the prices were better a few years ago (about $60.), but now they are closer to $90.. I've also stayed at the Holiday Inn, about a mile from the fairgrounds, for about $125. I would suggest booking directly with a chain on-line.

What is important for you? For me it's a place close by. If I wanted to drive 30-45 minutes to a motel, I may as well drive the hour and 3/4 to get home. Remember, on route 30, it can take you 20 minutes to just get out of York!

Hi, I move around a bit. Hampton Inn in Schrewsbury is fine (as of yesterday only smoking rooms left and its $138) and so is the one in York ($125) but the one in York is not as close as it sounds. We just made a reservation at the Sheraton Four Points ($120). Hamptons have an ok breakfast. Anyone have any experiences with Four Points?

I have been staying in the Holiday Inn in New Cumberland, which is closer to Harrisburg. It's about 25 minutes or so from the Fairgrounds. I like it because it is away from the York crowds. There a bunch of places to eat right near the hotel an the restaurant in the hotel itself is very good. The rate I got this year was $90.

Originally Posted by eddie g:

$90. That's cheap.

Actually, the nearby Super8 is about $80. for those of us over 65. These cheap places are OK if it's just you. If your wife, or "other" is along, get something better.

2 years ago I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn near the fairgrounds for $125. I was a bit surprised to get a room with no window...a first for me.

"Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites : York Ne - Market Street

18 Cinema Drive


It is off the Mt. Zion Rd. exit of US 30. It's about 8 miles East of the fairgrounds.


AARP current rate: $102.60"



I stayed there for my bachelor's party in 1971! Let'/s hope they've painted!


I stay at the Marriott Courtyard in York. Used to stay in Lancaster until York finally got a Marriott.

Originally Posted by DPC:

Made our reservation at the Sheraton Four Points. Boss told me no flop houses she wanted somewhere nice  so I guess that rules out the camper top and a sleeping bag like we used to do years ago at the fiddlers conventions
Life is good


Well, a sleeping bag is a good place to "fiddle-around".

For years I camped at York, on the fairgrounds, until they got picky about that, and then at a place south of York, Indian Rock (or something) campground, until the operators started  staying in Fla. through April, and not opening up the grounds,  and then Motel Six at the Interstate interchange (that is now a Red Roof, and now the Motel 6 that WAS the Red Roof...)  Camping, for a while, was not much cheaper than Motel 6, and is time consuming, so I gave it up, although I also camped at different locations in the area, such as Gettysburg and Intercourse, Pa., and two places, one

now a subdivision, outside Strasburg, none of these close enough to York.  That was pickup camping, but the pickups don't get the gas mileage to make them worth the drive up nowadays, unless I am going to set up.  I have stayed at different motels in Lancaster, but that is not exactly handy, and something of a long drive over, and then through the York morning US. 30 traffic jam to Carlisle? Road and the FG.  Most Lancaster motels are on the wrong (east) side of town, so you do the long bypass before getting out of the traffic. I go to look for trains, not a fancy vacation, so

cheaper is better, and have camped and driven through Europe, staying at Formula

1's (owned by same company as Motel 6), so I am there to see, and can sleep comfy when I get back home.

As a general rule, there are more chain motels in York and accessible up by Harrisburg

by the Interstate, such as at Carlisle, than there used to be.

I do run out of interesting places to eat, breakfast for example, when I am there a

few days.  I would like to discover a few new and interesting restaurants...I have

tracked down the local ice cream out past the Indian Rock CG, at a

diary farm, and another south of York on the road you turn off the Interstate for

the Cracker Barrel, only you keep going east.  Oh, yeah, there is really good ice

cream at a shop in Gettysburg across from where the old hobby shop used to be..that has long since moved to a back street paralleling 30...I can't think of the name, but it is just across from the battlefield, so parking is will have to try the parallel street just west of there.  It isn't Lapperts, but it is a lot closer than California or Hawaii.

Hobby shops, too..the one between the Interstate and FG behind the gas station

is long gone, as are several train dealers I used to visit in the Harrisburg area.

The one on 30 west of York moved downtown with no parking.  One in Hanover is

long gone, that was full of used trains.  Any others still around? (some are closed

during York week, so are a goose chase when you are there)

I have stayed in the former Comfort Inn (now called the Heritage) at #500 Centreville Road just outside Lancaster, for 48 of my 50 York visits.  It's closer to home (Long Island) so I get there on Thursday afternoon, and don't need to retrace my steps to get to York the next morning. It takes about a half hour to get to the fairgrounds, even with the perpetual construction on Rte 30.  It has a decent restaurant and bar on the premises, and it's close to another favorite restaurant. It's also just a few minutes drive from the PRR  and TCA museums. I always see a bunch of old guys wearing TCA badges having breakfast on Friday morning, so I'm not the only Yorkie who stays there. Not the cheapest, but hey, I'm worth it.

Originally Posted by Farmer_Bill:

I'm camping in a van down by the river!

Many things posted on the internet are simply not true
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What'd he have to do? Split rails to buy his first PC
Like Jerry Clower I bet he had to run a drop cord 5 miles to find someplace to plug it in.

Good one Bill



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