How about some Pennsylvania passenger cars

It is late 1949 and a P70FAR is being moved back to the coach yard by a B28.

GGD P70-FAR w B28

An evening commuter train made up of P70s is waiting for it's power to arrive.

GGD P70 set1

The P70s and P70FAR are GGD, the B28 is Atlas O.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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Here is my MTH T1pulling MTH’s Fleet of Moderism passenger cars. Before I packed it up for the move . Somewhere I have a MTH scale K pulling K-Line Heavy Weights .DF81DDCB-487B-4A0F-9B50-F2256075FE2A


PRRT&HS #8473

N&W HS  #5825

State College, PA

"And the sons of Pullman Porters, and the sons of Engineers

   Ride their father's magic carpet made of steel"

    "This train got the disappearing railroad blues"



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bob2 posted:

Jonathan, those are all spectacular!

I cannot resist posting my two favorites - one is a Walthers kit, and just a caricature of the P70 coach.  The other is purported to be a Fisher car.  Not sure . . .PRR CoachFisher Pullman

Nice cars Bob!  I don't mind the Walthers kits.  I picked up a nine car set at a swap meet a number of years ago and the B70's, PB70, and P70's weren't the best builds.  However the heavyweight sleepers, the chair car, and the observation were expert builds.  I can't wait to have the space to stretch them out. 

The one car shown was my feeble attempt at converting a GGD P70 (first run) into a modernized P70fbr.  Saw those still running in commuter service as a child.  I have the concept down, but not the craftsmanship yet.  Now I have better tools so maybe I'll do another.  I also didn't photograph the GGD P70far set nor the two Walthers P70far kits I have yet to build. 

The Harbor cove is a brass side Walther's kit as well.  It needs a repaint as the gold striping was an old decal and I spliced it around every 1/2" or less.  Tedious.  Next time I'll probably use Dulux colored decals. 

Don't know the heritage of the PRR painted L&N car other than I have seen a photo of the prototype online.  Window configuration tells me it's a 10-6.  Near as I can tell it's extruded steel of some kind because one side has a bit of rust. 

Finally I didn't show the K-line 21" streamlined obs.  It's in storage with almost all of my non Sunset trains at the moment.

As for your Fischer car.  That's some rarefied air right there.  Maybe one day...

Jonathan Peiffer


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