How about some photos and videos of your Christmas Tree Layouts!

Very good all! I'll post some pics of my flyer layout later on today. I don't have it really finished but real simple with Plasticville. I couldn't get to the Dept. 56 buildings this year. Too much stuff in the garage! 

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Strummer posted:
george posted:

Mine is nothing more than a simple oval on the floor, under the tree.  I'll have to sit down and design something better and lay the track out and attach it permanently to a board.



I think it looks great: especially like the stand the tree sits it a sled? 

Mark in Oregon

Yes, that is a sled. I found it at an antique shop.  

I'm new to the forum and sadly I don't have a layout to offer, but I hope you don't mind me sharing the Christmas card I made a few years ago. I photographed my K-Line and Lionel trains on the kitchen counter, along with my station and lights, added a photograph of the family and "painted" in the rest. Merry Christmas to you all!


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Here's my simplified, for this year, train display.


Dan Padova


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