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I want to add the fender skirts which are included with MTH's Proto 3.0 Aerotrain to the powered front truck of that engine

As shown in Figure A with the engine shell removed, the truck turns out and away from the frame quite far making it easy to add the screw that fastens the front of the fender skirt to the front of the truck.

However, the rear of that truck when turned out and away from the engine frame doesn't give the clearance away from the the frame that's needed to be able to insert and tighten the screw into the hole on the rear of the fender skirt and truck (as shown in figures B and C.)

Is there a way to loosen that truck just enough from the engine frame so it will drop down and away from the frame so the screw can be inserted and tightened without the powered truck becoming totally disconnected from the motor?

I'm afraid if the truck does become disconnected from the engine's frame and motor that I won't be able to easily reattach it.

Tanks for any help and suggestions you can offer!20200702_14321820200702_14293620200702_143425




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There's one screw that removes the truck on the bottom, it's very easy to put it back on.

Is this the screw, John? If it is, should I unscrew it all the way so it comes out totally or just unscrew it a few turns to slightly unloosen it?? This is my first time doing something like so I fear if the screw comes all the way out that I won't be able to correctly  screw it back in place.20200702_153105


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge, John. I was able to loosen the front truck screw you mentioned to  provide enough wiggle room to insert those rear screws. (It took a few attempts to correctly align the screw threads into the holes and tighten them but I managed to do it without removing the truck from the engine frame.)

Tomorrow I'll add fourteen 1 oz. weights equally distributed to the engine shell plus two 1 oz. weights on the frame itself behind the headlights. Hopefully that additional pound of weight will be enough extra weight to make the engine be able to pull the three cars from the AeroTrain set plus five extra AeroTrMain coach cars for a  consist totaling seven coach cars plus the end observation car! 

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After more months than I'd planned, I finally added some extra  weight to my ps 3.0 Aerotrain today - 20 ounces total. Unfortunately, until I lay some track I won't know how much pulling power that extra weight gives it.

Also, John, will you please elaborate on exactly what you've done to "tune" the rear truck design so it tracks properly? Your wisdom and expertise are always very helpful and much appreciated. 


Btw, I read a couple people posted that the tach strip was on their engine's front motor but mine is on the rear. So, John, as an MTH tech, are you aware whether or not among the Aerotrain's Proto versions, has MTH ever changed which motor - front or rear - that the tach strip was on?

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