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Sorry for the cryptic description but it’s all I have.  The locomotive in question is my OMI Amtrak P40DC which is pictured in another thread I posted recently.  The notes I received with the locomotive indicate that the install was done approximately 10 years ago with a NCE decoder for motor control and a Tsunami for sound which I guess was how it had to be done in O Scale back then.  I have several recent Sunset diesels with QSI and love how the twice F6 for start-up and twice F9 x 3 for complete shut-down works.  Can this be done with the older Tsunami?



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The plot thickens:  Notes say NCE 408 decoder, my NCE PowerCab says Manufacturer=141, Ver 064.  When using the “Use Program Track” on my NCE PowerCab, which decoder specs is it reading?

If you have both decoders, I don't know which one it will read.    You need to turn one off to read the other.   I have some installs like this and I put on-off switches on the underside of the loco so I can turn off either decoder to program the other.

I am guessing it is reading the DSD.    The D408SR would most likeliy be ver 35 or 36 in my experience.   I have not seen other versions of the 408.   

I just checked, I have a Soundtraxx, that I thought was a DSX decoder, and the manufacturer code comes up as 141 also.   The version is 18 according to decoderpro from JMRI.    CV 38 is set to 64.    So you are reading the soundtraxx decoder for those results.

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to my knowledge SoundTraxx does not have any startup-shutdown options like the QSI does.

The QSI feature is very useful in our club setting, where you can shut down the decoder. Avoiding any accidental activation of an engine.

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