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…Lionel 6-19714 work caboose. Too small and recessed to grab with fat fingers, and, don’t know if it’s bayonet or screw-in mount. Thanks.

Earlier postwar style of this was different but your car uses a grain of wheat bulb and wires.

Part #3 in this diagram

Recommend reading the manual for your car- it actually outlines this.

page 3
Searchlight bulb replacement
To replace the searchlight bulb, locate the tool box that has the wires going into it thru the
frame. Use a phillips screw driver to unscrew the tool box and remove the wire nuts from
inside. Unscrew the wire nuts and feed the wires back thru the frame and searchlight head.
Reinstall a new bulb Lionel part no. 610-9737-009, in reverse order. Replacement bulbs
are available from your local authorized Lionel Service Center or Lionel Service. For more
information see below

Again, the wires push up through the searchlight tower, into the aluminum housing. I would cut or clip the wires to PUSH the bulb out the front of the aluminum searchlight housing.

Second tip:

When you find a Lionel part out of stock- search again using KEY WORDS or specifications of that part- example on a bulb- the type and voltage rating.

Example, same rating grain of wheat bulb, with wires, 14V and 80mA current rating


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