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I spent a bit of time at California Junction Saturday.  (close to Missouri Valley Ia.) Here comes a verrrry long container train.  Mostly containers, just a few TOFC or trailers on flats.  Anyway, about 10 container cars on each side of the lone truck trailer.  Seems illogical for unloading, so my question is does this make any difference, and how are the trailers unloaded these days?  The Jack or a forklift?  Don'IMG_0637IMG_0626t imagine driving them off anymore.


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I don't know if there are any YouTube film clips, but the BNSF piggyback/container yard in Hodgkins, Illinois is a busy place.  Co-located with a rather large UPS facility.  The containers are off loaded onto chassis and the trailers are off loaded to the ground.  A yard hostler puts them in rows designated by the last number of the unit, whether container or trailer. Two mile long trains arrive from California in what must be close to the old Super Chief schedule, less thatn forty-eight hours.   


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