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From 1955-57 Lionel produced a #460 Piggy Back Transportation Set that manually controlled a forklift by using a hand-controlled wheel to rotate the forklift and a lever to lift 2 semi-trailers on or off an adjoining #3460 flatcar. I motorized the platform using 2 micro motors, one to lift and one to rotate the forklift.
I wrote a detailed construction article on how I did it and it will appear in the MARCH/APRIL 2022 edition of CLASSIC TOY TRAINS MAGAZINE.
Here is a video of how it operates on my layout.


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Lionel 460s
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David, You should be sure that your phone number is in your profile. Lionel will be calling you. You have accomplish something no Lionel Engineer has. What you have done is truly amazing. Before Christmas, I remember seeing a Marx train layout that you had constructed. You displayed it, for different groups of people. Please continue to keep up this wonderful work.

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