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Haven't heard much about the new Menard's tubular track since it was announced a few months ago.

How is it working out for folks?  Any pros or cons?

There are no Menard's anywhere near where I live, and they apparently don't do internet sales. But, my daughter-in-law lives in Bloomington, and there is one right there.  If the track is good, I may ask here to buy some for me before she comes out to visit next month.  (Can't get new Lionel tubular curved sections at my flea market anymore. Lots of straight sections, but no curved.   And, I have already spent the last year picking through all of the used tracks sections, and took the very best.  All that is left is really twisted junk.)



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The Menards track has been around for several years now and the general consensus is that the track is very good.  As for as internet sales, most of there items are internet sales only.   My Menards carries a full track selection year round and they have signs directing you to their website for bulk pricing on the track.  Even during the holidays, they only carry a small percentage of what is available.   Go to their banner above and you will be amazed at all the items they have

Edit,   I can find posts on their track going back six years, so it’s been around for quite a while.

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Manny, Menards track has been out for several years.  I built my current layout using it and Lionel UCS/RCS sections and Lionel and K-Line switches. I have had no problems, works fine.  I did have some shipped to me.  One thing that can be a bit surprising, the O-36 curve sections are longer than the O-42. Not a problem in any way, when I opened the box of O-36 I just thought I'd gotten the wrong thing since they were long.

0-42 on the bottom, O-36 on top.  Sides painted, ties added.


Track ballasted

under bridge

Wab Mixed

I'm quite happy with it, will likely use it on my next layout.


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  • 42v36
  • under bridge
  • Wab Mixed
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@PRR1950 posted:

I believe those rebates are useable by bearer despite having been mailed to a particular person.  If so, why not offer them for sale at a 50% discount or some other attractive and agreeable number?  At least you would get something out of them.


I think I would rather give them to a forum member next time.  It's not that much money and I can't use them.   Call it a small gesture for all the selfless help fellow forum members give here.  


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