I have several and here are (3) I picked up yesterday on the 75% off table at a local Haulmark Store, which makes them somewhat affordable. I added the Tazmanian Devil Just For My "Fun" Layout. He seams to be close to "1/48th scale, if there is such a thing for a fictitious character. Probably not the right fit for my " Serious" Layout.

Many times they have vehicles you don't necessarily see in the diecast marketplace.DSCN2829DSCN2830DSCN2831DSCN2832DSCN2833DSCN2834DSCN2835

Show us some you may have and use.


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I have a Hallmark 1936 GMC pickup which l was really glad to find, and a 1937?  Ford (1/43 Ford pickups 1940 and prior are common, not seen are GM puckups, Brooklin only has one 1930's Dodge, and Matchbox, several, but only a post 1940 GM Chevy), while my model period is October, 1940.


??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

I have a few slated for the layout.  The military jeep from a few years ago and a few of the pick-ups from over the years.

I've found the 1:64 sized ones a great value, especially if there's flashing lights involved!  Seriously, their 1937 Ford COE fire engine (pictured on the right) of a few years ago was great.  I have one in my fire house along with a couple from Gorgi (the other two in the photo).

Then, when Luke Skywalker did some time and distance travel and landed his X-Wing fighter in the middle of Main Street, the Army had to step in:

Sorry for the bad photo, but the layout has been taken down and this was the only depiction of the scene I had.  This is an extreme blow-up of a much larger photograph also showing the Army Deuce-and-a-Halfs (Six-Bys to you Marines) introduced a couple of years ago.  I also had added a couple of Hallmark Army tanks to the scene since the photo was taken.   See, Mustang?  You're not the only one! 




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Yes, but Mustang, please correct the spelling in the title so that others searching for information later can find this topic. The name of the company is Hallmark.

Jim R. 


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I have several that will find their way to the layout when I get to that point.


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