I have been collecting Lionel and a few American Flyer paper items for a number of years. I have all the Lionel catalogs back to the 30's with the exception of the year 1945. I have however found many other things than catalogs to collect. Lionel had many small Bantam books and pamphlets over the years. One is in 3-D and even came with 3-D glasses, another was printed for Lionel salesman on how to sell more Lionel Trains. Love to see you collections of these items. DonDSC_5472DSC_6850DSC_6847il_794xN.1846977007_q7td


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I have the 1952 poster "Hey Fellows! Let's Build A Railroad!" that came with my first set, now laminated and hanging on the wall above my work bench. I used to have a complete collection of catalogs from 1952 - 1966. Don't know where they disappeared to during a move. And of course, I still have my Bantam Book of Model Railroading - 6th Big Edition.

If you come to York, there's a meeting of paper collectors, and plenty of sellers in the Halls.

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I have nine (pretty sure) of Lionel's "Model Builder" magazines from the '40s. Got them at the LCCA convention in Chicago last year. If this counts, I also got the engine house kit you could get free by subscribing back in the early years of the war ('42/3?). The heavy cardstock has held up great for being 75-80 years old, and I plan to build the kit when I start my layout.

My collection of catalogs is from 1931 with some variations and additional paper.

I also have a repo from 1929 and 1930.

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I don't really collect it but I do have a lot. All of the Model Builder mags, many The Lionel Magazines (pre-Model Builder), old and new books, Toy Train mags, all of the CTT issues , most O Scale RR mags, all O Gauge RR mags, all Lionel Postwar catalogs, many PreWar Lionel catalogs, Plasticville catalogs,, instruction sheets, etc.

I found at a flea market years ago a copy of the equipment auction catalog from 1969 (I think) from when Lionel closed the factory. I'll dig it up and take a pic or two to post.

Come to think of it, maybe I do collect paper. 

I've been compiling as much paper as possible from not only Lionel, but also K-Line, MTH, and 10 other train manufacturers.  Pics of that stuff can be found here: Phrankenstign's UNAUTHORIZED Train Catalog & Flyer Gallery

Initially, the site only included Lionel, K-Line, and MTH catalogs and flyers.  As I started acquiring lots from various sources (mainly ebay) I found I'd accumulated quite a few items from other manufacturers too.  So, I decided to add the other ten manufacturers' publications along with various other items such as club items, pins, patches, posters, stickers, videos, CDs, DVDs, etc.  I figured train enthusiasts might find the wide variety of items fascinating as I do.

I'm always looking to add more to the site.  Let me know if anyone here is willing to sell me stuff that isn't already on it.  However I'm retired with a fixed income, so I can't afford collector prices for mint items.  I'm satisfied with items that are in "Good" condition without missing, torn, or writing on some of the pages.  (Of course, donations are always welcome! )

I'd really like to complete the club sections for both K-Line and MTH.  I'm missing the first volume of KCC's "The K-Line Connection" and odd issues of MTHRRC's "The Crossing Gate".  Also, there are a few Lionel Railroader Membership Cards and Pinback Buttons I'm still missing.  I'd appreciate any help I can get.

Here are a few of the items featured on the web-site:

LRRC Stickers
LRRC Stickers
LRRC Inside Track Issue #145

LRRC Inside Track Issue 145

(Last issue before LRRC merged with LCCA)

LRRC Belt Buckle Special Offer
LRRC Special Offer


LRRC 1983 Membership Renewal Offer
LRRC 1983 Membership Renewal Offer
LRRC Welcome letter with Membership Card
LRRC 1989 Welcome Letter with Membership Card


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