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I opened up a TAS equipped locomotive that had runaway issues, usually the tach reader or it's wiring.  I think I found the problem!

It looks like not only was the kludge unsuccessful, but the locomotive shell had been pressing down on the tach reader hard enough to score the tach strip on the flywheel!  The spacing of the sensor was about 4-5 mm, it should be .8mm to around 1.1mm.

No, I didn't leave it like that!


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65 is passing??

I thought the gnu gnorm was "Everyone one left behind!"  Or, in railroad-speak, the tenders may be behind, but they're still essential!... 

OTOH, back in my day...!...I well remember when my neighborhood pal and I showed up for the first day of school.  We would meet in the classroom of the grade we had just completed.  The teacher would then announce for each student the new teacher/classroom for the next grade level.  Ronnie, my best bud, was told he would repeat the prior grade.  I'll never forget the expression on his face.  In retrospect, it was a totally tactless approach.  And thereafter, Ronnie was always one grade behind the rest of 'the gang'.   But, he got his revenge!  He was the only one of my neighborhood pals who ultimately achieved a PhD in their chosen field!  So, yes, some of the old ideas/methods were efficacious.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Re the tichy-tachy problem...  I assume it worked for a while??  Ergo, it was a fix du jour, maybe?  Oak bearings worked, too.

Not unlike some home and auto repairs.  Reminds me of what DIY shows reveal when they tear off the drywall...spliced 110v lines dangling, hidden junction boxes, floor/roof joists compromised with deep cuts, mismatched pipe joints, etc., etc., blah, blah.  'Well??...It worked, didn't it???   Now it's somebody else's problem!'

Hidden 'Goldbergs' under the hood are always fun to find.  Some are even scary! under-the-layout-table wiring jobs!......

Have a good day, guys.


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