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We moved into a different house and my train room has a very bright southern facing window.  Short of blocking the window off . . . is there any film I can use, or a covering of some sort, that will block 100% of the sun's rays that fade train paint?  Ideally:  It would still allow some light to come into the room.


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Look for a UV blocking film, it's commonly available.

3M UV Window Blocking Film

3M™ Window Films let in the light you love while reflecting much of the sun’s heat and glare away from your home. At the same time, they block up to 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect your furnishings. And these non-metallized films provide amazing clarity, so they won’t spoil your view.

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I added UV film when I got my new garage door that has windows across the top.  I was concerned that the sun would fade the paint on my classic car in areas where the sunlight hit the car. It's been several years since I added the film, and so far no observed fading.  If I recall there were various levels of blocking and opacity available.


I have two windows facing south and two facing west in my train room.  I installed 1/2 wide slat aluminum venation blinds and tilt them to keep the sun rays out but leave non sun light in.  The two windows to the north and one to the east do not let sun in the room and do not have blinds.  I have seen no indication of fading of the 40 year old layout in 11 years in this room.

The blinds can be pulled completely up to allow maximum light in if needed for daylight pictures, videos or just because I want to.

It would be an easier and quick job to install one blind in your case.  A couple of screws.  Putting on film has always be a challenge to me to keep from getting bubbles or folds for me.  Most films also have a tint that reduces vision out but would be better than the blinds tilted to stop the sun.


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