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(sorry this is so long) I don't use 3D software, or own a 3D printer. I found the 3D file here for weaver passenger seats (1105) and want to send that to an online service to be printed. I tried to use a service recommended here, but the cost was around $120 for a single print. That would be "Per Car". So I found a service in China that if much cheaper, but the seats are too large because there is a group of three seat sections in the single file. They told me I'd have to break it up into single groups of seats (if that makes sense). Anyway, I've been trying the usual Freecad, Tinkercad and others, but because the stl file locks all the pieces into one single object, they cannot be broken up easily. I've tried surrounding the groups of seats with a hole, but then can't figure out how to make the hole disappear.  I tried to contact the author of the file to see if he could break up each group of seats into separate files, but had no luck finding contact info. So, any ideas?

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This is a simple file and sized for printing on a low-cost filament printer.  It fits on the print bed of my elegoo Neptune without the need to break it into  pieces.  The print also uses only 72 grams a filament with virtually no waste.  This means that you will get 13 car's worth of interiors with a single 1 kg spool of filament.,

You can get a good printer from $200 to $300.  Many Forumites will have suggestions as to brand and features.   For a few dollars extra you will can get features that will make your experience enjoyable.  You can go straight from the box to printing in a half hour.

An 1 kg spool PLA filament would be about $15.  So for an investment of $215 you can get sets for 13 cars at a cost of per car of $16.  Seats for the next 13 cars would be about a dollar per car.

It does not require rocket science to do this by your self, but if you have a geek for a teenager or neighbor or friend trade them printer time for their expertise.


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If you provide the link to the source STL file, then I can attempt to make a cut and repair of the STL file and email it to you or a link.

You basically have to use an editor capable of making cuts in X,Y, or Z planes, and also the ability to repair the STL file object (must be water tight with no missing or flipped walls or structures).

One example using Meshmixer (sorry in advance- background music is terrible)

I'm more of an oldschool Netfabb user and

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OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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