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Would appreciate a recommendation on how to fully seat the horn in the picture.  I hesitate applying too much force.  Was thinking of using a large C-Clamp or just living with the factory imperfection.  BTW, is the horn a metal casting?

Thanks, Tom



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With red paint on the pin, I'd say its going to be "fun" to get it out of there.  If it doesnt just come out from the top side, then pull the shell off. The hole that it sits in goes all the way through the shell. See if its been glued from the bottom side. Figure out the the diameter of the mounting pin, put the corresponding size drill bit in a pin vise and give it a few turns from the underside of the shell.  The idea isnt to drill it out, but you'll break loose most of the glue by drilling the bottom edges of the pin in the hole and it should get much easier to pull it out.  Clean up the pins and/or ream out the mounting hole before pushing the horn all the way in.

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