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I would like to see why my EM-1 is not moving.  In another forum it was suggested that the drive train of legacy (older circa 2000) EM-1's had drive chain failures.  The front drive set looks like it may have an issue from what I can see but I would like to remove the top of the engine from the drive portion and see what the mechanism looks like, repair it if needed.

I removed the four major screws that appear to be holding the drive and wheels (lower portion or guts) from the boiler and cab, but it will not easily separate (although it is moving like it might separate) and I really do not want to force it.  Can anyone please tell me how to get these apart?

I did go the route of asking lionel for the service manual which I thought would be really helpful, but they said they do not have one for this engine.



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And voila!  Hearing that there should not be an issue getting the boiler off caused me to go back and notice that it was hung up on a detail hanging down from the cab.  Boiler came off and part of the drive shaft and U joint fell out.  So thanks for the thread on how to fix this.  I would love to have the miniature machine shop and tiny screws laying about to allow me to fix this now but will have to order some stuff.  Still, glad to have found the problem.  Maybe some two part marine epoxy would work ...


Thank you John and Harmon

I just drilled out the U joint and tried a 2-M machine screw but found it just stripped.  I ordered a tap and hopefully can soon have it at least connected.

What I am curious about is the angle the motor is making with the shaft.  It looks to be way off.  So you all have thoughts on this?

It also looks as though I would have to remove the rear drive wheels to get to the screws holding the motor bracket from below.  Any comments or advise on this would be appreciated.


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