I would like to replace the lights and install people in the mth railking passenger cars 30-6000 to 30-6004.

What is the trick to opening up these cars.  I removed the 2 screws at the bottom of the car but I can’t open them.

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The trick is to grab the car on each end and holding it over a soft spot like a large towel, twist.  It will take considerable force the first time they come apart but the top will pop off.  It sometimes comes off with some force, hence the soft towel or similar for it to land on.

The bottom screws do hold the top on, but it snaps on as well.  Just the top of the roof will come off, and you can remove the interiors by removing the smaller screws near the two body screws.  You'll likely find that the wiring just barely allows you to move the interior out, you sometimes have to disconnect it from the trucks and feed it out to remove it. 

FWIW, I'm just doing sixteen of the RK cars for a client, I do them four at a shot until I get bored.

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