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From what I can tell the barrel jacks are different sizes,is that correct. I have 2 Lionchief RTR sets using fastrack.  My question is what might be a way to adapt the Lionel output jack to one that fits into the DCS explorer. I can buy a mth Z1000 brick but that is another 75 bucks, or open up the explorer and hard wire, to the Lionel brick. I also understand that the explorer will not work in passive mode, it needs to have power for the wifi. Tried to find and answer but can't seem to come up with it.  Talked to the LHS where I want to buy the explorer, and he said does not have any way to adapt, need a z1000 brick.  This is for carpet central so really don't need lots of power. 

Searching around more looks like MTH is 2.1x5.5mm while Lionel is 2.5x5.5mm.

So it looks like this is what I might need.

Power Tip DC Barrel Plug Changer Adapter 5.5mm 2.5mm Female to 5.5mm 2.1mm Male


Thanks Oldmike

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