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Was given the task to make sure there is no battery installed. Two rear screws are out, all four fuel tank screws are out and all 3 nose/pilot screws are out, yet chassis is still firmly mounted to body. Anyone that's ever successfully accomplished this able to help?


I had never done it before and had a similar problem. I was having visions in 8K Ultra High Definition of me breaking something by using too much force to get the body shell off the chassis. It was puzzling because I could not identify what was still holding the two firmly together after I had removed all the screws that seemed relevant. In the end I turned the unit onto its wheels, put one hand on each side of the body shell and used my fingers to gently pry the plastic body sideways (along the direction of the axles) away from the metal chassis. This relieved what amounted to a clamping force the plastic shell was putting in the periphery of the chassis. The significant weight of the chassis held the unit down while I lifted up on the body shell and kept gently prying the sides apart. It was a satisfying moment when the mystery was solved, the body was off and I was sure I hadn't busted, cracked, or scratched anything. It all went back together in a straightforward manner except for the care I needed to take to make sure that various wires did not get pinched while sliding the body back over the shell.

I have had a pair of them on and off about 8 times each today working on the smoke units. Unusual setup to say the least. There are actually only 5 screws holding the frame to the shell. Two at the far back, two at the back of the fuel tank and one tiny one at the nose. The rest can remain. Not impressed with the use of machine screws into plastic posts. They should be more like sheet metal screws.

Anyway its now about a minute and half to have the shell off and another minute to have the smoke unit out.


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Wow, this has become an adventure or misadventure depending upon how you see things.

Photos below show my 3rd Rail FL-9. I'm trying to remove the shell to take out the 9 volt battery. Still no success.

In the photo top left the arrow points to a stripped screw. I tried the rubber band trick to no avail. Will I have to drill this out with a screw remover?

Top right shows one of six large screws. I took all of those out.

Bottom right shows one of several very small screws front. Do all of those have to come out.

Yikes, this is frustrating.

FL-9 1FL-9 2FL-9 3FL-9 4


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