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Hey all I need some help understanding how to reprogram an original protosound engine. I tried to download from mth website the original zip files to no success and could only find a general troubleshooting guide as attached in the files in this email. How do you perform this on a z4000 transformer?

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Well for one, understand the difference between reseting to  factory defaults and reprogramming an engine with a file- that only applies to PS2 and PS3 engines.

PS1 is only reprogrammed by replacing the chip.

Reset to factory defaults- the default settings contained within the programming of that chip can be accomplished using a Z4000 transformer.

But before you even do that, you have to know that you have a good PS1 battery and it's working before any other step in the troubleshooting process.

So again, confirm you inspected and/or replaced and know that you in fact have a working battery subsystem or all of this is a waste of time.

Again, reseting a PS1 engine t factory defaults using a Z4000 is simple.

First again, check the engine to ensure the battery is charged and working. This is powering the engine, waiting at least 30-60 seconds while the engine sounds start, and then dropping power. The sounds must continue after power is turned off to the track.

Then, with power off to the track (both handles fully down on the Z4000, then hit program (black button) on the channel to enter program mode. The use the up (white) and down (red) arrow key to increment up to 18 on the display. Then press select (yellow) and the track will power up. The engine will begin making sounds, then about 20 seconds later, the Z4000 will begin rapidly raising and lowering voltages to the track to program the engine and the engine should be responding with woosh sounds and then at the end 3 dings, and 3 dongs. As long as you hear 3 dings and 3 dongs, then press the program button (black) again, to exit program mode. The engine will shut down and wait until you hear the fart sound and then you can attempt to run the engine normally.

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