There are so many posts on the forum that is very useful and informative.  I ain't too computer smart!!!.  I need help.  Here is what I need.

1.   I need to save selective posts on my hard drive.

2.   I want to set up a directory on my HD.  (ex. OGF Posts)

3.   I want a simple way to xfer a post from the forum to this directory.

4.   Can someone help me?  Please, Please, I need very simple directions and also you may assume that I know nothing at all about xfering files.

Thanking you in advance for your time and my best regards.


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Easiest just to create a "new folder" on your desk it OGR files. Any thing you see here r click just save page as and put it in your new folder.

I just right click - print -  SAVE AS A PDF - and pick a file to save it to. Gets all pics and info on a PDF with no internet action needed. 

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