My controls are setup In living room. Sometimes I throw switches to keep in our master bdrm, but to turn it off, I have to go in living room. One time, the track clickety clack put me to sleep, and it ran all night.

I use the basic dcs remote. I thought about a 2nd drop down, and just move the module/ power supply, but what a pain for each time.

Main thing is I'm close to controls. If something ever were to happen, I could kill power quick, vs run to another room. 

Not sure if I could add another basic dcs and use remote on both. Just having to member to power off the other, or some other way of doing it. 

If I could figure out a way to carry infrared controller signal to another room, I'd be set.




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geysergazer posted:

You just need an IR remote extender. Amazon carries them as does Wally World:

This particular IR Extender contains a radio transmitter and reciever so as well as not needing to be in the same room you don't need to aim the hand-held remote at the base unit. Makes it easier for those of us with stiffness in our hands because one can hold the remote any which way and it will still work.



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I use a simple 3 button "Super Switch". 

You can use one of three remote switches at three different outlets to power three different DCS power sources with a three button hand held.  Very simple, readily available at hardware stores and some big boxes.

You can use them anywhere in the house or shop for 110v circuits.  The hand held can also be mounted at the door to the train room to cut power at  three selected outlets anywhere in the room.

I use it for three added peninsulas where each peninsula has it's own individual control panel.   Walls and doors do not affect it's performance.

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I use a three-button IR control unit  to command three controllers placed at AC wall outlets. Each controller activates a power strip designated for features of my layout:
   * Power for lighting 35 Dept 56 porcelain buildings
   *  Power to the master control panel (for lower level tracks, upper level trolley tracks, and 11 switches)
   *  Power for operating accessories.
Works great!  So simple my 6-year old great-grandson can do it.

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