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Hey guys. I seem to have a unique problem. For whatever reason, my CAB-2 will no longer turn off, so to speak. It was working just fine before Christmas. While hosting a family party a few days later it would not turn on. I was using rechargeable batteries and the dock station had them fully charged according to the LED light. I figured the batteries just went bad.

So I changed out the batteries with regular “AA” and the CAB-2 appeared to function normally. However, when I went to turn it off, I held down the button as usual and the screen display vanished but the “back light” stayed on. It would not turn off.

The only way to turn off the back light was to pull a battery. That is how I now operate it. Turn it on by inserting a battery and turn it off by pulling a battery. Everything appears to work normally once turned on.

Certainly not very practical. I am a draftsman by trade and can draw anything you want. However, when it comes to Sparky stuff, I do not have a clue on how to trouble shoot the remote.

Would a “reboot” work? I am running the latest version right now. I looked thru the owners manual but did not see anything related to this issue.

I hate to bash Lionel but they are no help right now. I tried to contact them by phone. Nothing. I sent “Talk to Us” (Angela or Katie) an email right after Christmas and then again last week. No response, all I got was the automated one that stated they received my mail. I think waiting (2) weeks is more than a reasonable amount of time to respond.

Add this to my list of (6) new Lionel engines I had to return in 2018 for various problems and a few passenger cars. Overall, just another frustrating experience with my Lionel products.

Thanks for any advice.


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Thanks John.....I will patiently wait my turn for them to get back to me with a RA...

It works, just a little inconvenient to pull a battery all the time. Sad part...this is the 2nd problem I had with this unit. 6 months ago I returned it because the "REVERSE" push button stopped working. Took almost 2 months for that to get fixed.

Thanks again for the reply.


I’m sorry to hear your having issues with the Cab 2 remote and I just wish that they (Lionel) could continue getting the important parts so as to keep our remotes operable for years down the road. I’m no electronics expert but they know what parts are the necessary parts, somebody could make them, this is 2022, We have successfully sent men/women into outerSpace, and that’s a Unbelievable, so, if Lionel found it necessary to charge for repairs, that would be fine with many of us, I think. I do not know what parts would be so hard to get, it’s all about the Money. Good luck 3Rail Donald. Let’s go run trains. Happy Railroading Everyone

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