Once again, I deviated from my usual style to make a compilation of photos and videos from my railfanning these past 4 years, this time focusing on the SD70s that made their way out to the Fort Wayne/Pittsburgh Lines. About 2/3rds of the time, I found these engines working intermodal container trains, though they could be found hauling just about anything, including the unit coal and crude oil trains seen above. Though I only caught two standard cabs before the SD70ACC program started, I did manage to catch all three paint styles, one each of the 5 "thoroughbred" and 5 "whiteface" units. 

I borrowed the term "Howler" from another Youtuber (NS 6770, if memory serves), who has used the term on their videos of a few of the standard cab units climbing up the Alleghenies. When wound up to full RPM, the 710G3Bs in the SD70s produced a particularly unmuffled (and for RAILFANs, pleasing) EMD exhaust note; hence, the term howler.  

Considering that the last standard cab units were just sold to Progress Rail (likely for scrapping), I figured now was the appropriate time to reflect on these units' Norfolk Southern careers.

Let's see if I can avoid antagonizing anyone this go-around.

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Very nice.

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