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For the past several weeks, I have been fabricating replacement window sashes and frames for our lokie in Ashley PA. After a few years of waiting, we finally got a roof over the lokie. I was asked to take over the project that had stalled. I was given pieces of only two of the eight windows, Two forward, two rearward, and a set of two on each side, consisting of a stationary and operable sash held in place with  track and trim components.

  I removed the remaining original components to use as templates for the replacements. I saved about 80% of the nuts bolts and some of the washers, and cleaned and dressed them for re-use. I am searching a source, hopefully locally, to acquire the remaining square head nuts and bolts.

The sashes are one inch ceder, and the surrounds and other interior trim pieces are 1 1/4" composite decking milled to the required thicknesses. To date, the project cost is less than $250.00. The composite decking was no charge, as it was unsellable due to defects. I was able to get more than enough usable material for what I needed for the project.

The first series of pics are of the larger operable sashes.



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@smd4 posted:

Nice work! We might need you to make sashes for our Vulcan!

Thank you. Where are you located? IS there anything remaining of the old frames or sashes? I didn't have much to go by, but I guess it was enough. Friday morning, I placed the side cab frames with a few props, as I had to meet some guys next door about some fence posts for another one of our park projects. If you have any questions, e mail me:



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@smd4 posted:

We're in Bonsal, North Carolina, about 1/2 hour southwest of Raleigh. Engine is a 1941 Vulcan 0-4-0T. I think the sashes still exist but are probably in pretty bad shape.

That's a bit of a haul from here in NEPA! They can't be any worse then what we have to work with. I had one operable sash, and one forward sash. The cab side frames were in rough shape, but enough to use as a template. There was also one rearward surround that is in usable condition, but I replaced it. The stationary side sashes were non-existent, so I just made those with the same widths as the operable sashes, and to fit in the opening. I have about 300 photos of the entire project. If I can be of assistance, feel free to e mail me, or call. 570 824 3499. To date, I am in the process of installing the trim on the engineer's side. This is a temporary installation, as the cab will be removed for blasting skin repair and paint. The windows that are only held in with a few bolts will be removed for this part of the restoration.

Thanks Coach. Although I may not see it happen in my lifetime, the young lad who spearheaded the project has aspirations of bringing it back to full operation. The folks at East broad Top invited us to runt it there if and when it comes to fruition. Our park has several hundred feet of flat ground to run a point to point short run along the border with the former Blue Coal property. Next phase is cab removal.

@boomer0622 posted:

Rail,  nice job with the restoration.  Did you ever find the square head bolts you were looking for .

Thank you. Walmart and Amazon claim to have them, and I found a place in Oregon that specializes in period hardware. I have plenty of time for that, though, because when the cab comes off It will be quite the project to repair it.

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