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In case you have not seen this episode, it's a new first aired June 21st. American Pickers hit a HUGE collector of almost everything you can think image, all restored and in mint condition. But what was extremely interesting to me was his HUGE railroad collection.

The episode is titled "Picking Nirvana; Auburned, Over & Out" and was filmed in Ohio.

The RR collection is one of the largest I have ever seen anywhere. It looks like there are HURNDREDS of lantern, countless signals, semaphores, bells, lights, signs, you name it and he had it.

If you are a collector, this is a must see episode.


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The collection was owned by the late Brian Maiher and is now cared for by his wife Jill. I have been privileged to visit the collection a few times and my company has also been tasked with helping to sell parts of the collection starting on July 10th.

Only a limited number of people ever saw the collection while Brian was alive and I've been trying to explain to people just how amazing it is. The episode of Pickers finally shows the world the collection. While it is sad that Brian is gone, his collection will live on through his friends, the show, and the next group of collectors that will be entrusted to protect these items.

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I watched this on demand. Good grief, what a collection the guy had! Notice all those steam number plates literally lying on the ground? If they're all original, those are each worth well into 4-figures. There has to be millions of dollars worth of stuff there, just from what was shown (not counting the massive fire fighting collection he apparently has that didn't get mentioned).

Man, all those signal lanterns, there must have been hundreds of them! How about those PRR depot name plates? If they're original, what must those all be worth?

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