Here I am, the great grandson of Benjamin Arrowsmith Hegeman Jr. who's father also worked for the Eastern Railroad.  Grandpa Ben my father didn't know well was with the American Car and Rail as well as managing the Lackawanna mid-state NY.

 My grandfather on my mother's side who I knew quite well Gale Lytle Hunter operated the Hunter Illuminated Sign Co. in Flushing NY and held many patents on the manufacturing of destination scrolls on subways and buses in New York City used up into the 1980's.

It is my hope to be of service here.

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Baltimore Transit Company made "home-made" copies of their Hunter signs and they used the same font on their shop-made signs up until the conversion from rollsigns to programmable digital signs:



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Here comes a Yankee with a blackened soul,
Heading to Gatow with a load of coal.
......Anonymous U. S. pilot during the Berlin Airlift


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