Husband and Wife O scale builders ....

Hello O scale world ....  in the vintage end of the world you pick up items 70-80 years old to imagine the original owner / builder .....   most times its just guessing ... it could have or it might have expensive DNA testing... must remain unknown    ..and there are or were woman in this hobby ????? Husband and wife sharing a passion ( outside the bedroom?)  ...simply  unheard of ... fairy-tales....but I have proof !!!

Last year I bought a 1934 Scalecraft Hudson  at an auction on the east coast ....thrown in the deal was this funky reefer car ... ( big deal )....Auctioneer was very kind to deliver it to me at York ...where I learned it came from Chester Holley's collection ...Chester was big into O scale before leaping into all trains I was happy to learn where the engine had been prior .... but the reefer had a tag ..Walsh's      Hoopeston ,Il   ( that is 20 miles from nowhere) ... 


Crack open Model Railroader October 1940...there is Mrs H L Walsh from Hoopeston .... complete with "her" reefer train ....being pulled by a Scalecraft Hudson....       

but the train is sitting on tinplate track you the article ... train was taken outside to get enough light to take a photo.....remember the ancient ones speaking of ASA  settings and the need to think before you click ? 


Reefer is not a kit ...( trucks are Walthers ) body is cut block of wood shaped ... home brew... Icken or Corbin  need not worry of competition ....  fun to connect the dots found in life . 

Cheers Carey 

Scalecraft 1934 Husdon ....( top shelf) ..that came with reefer .... 







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The Glacier Line was constructed by my wife, Connie, and me.  Check out the YouTube videos.  It has been recorded twice--video by OGR Magazine and TM Books and Video.  It has appeared in the OGR Magazine and THE GOAT published by the Great Northern Railway Historical Society.  It will appear this September as the featured layout in a huge nationally distributed publication.

I imagine Ray & Renee Grosser are - or should be - the most well known 'Modelling Couple" at the moment, & they currently work in O Scale, & model a rather fine Fallen Flag to boot although I'm biased, of course!!

Modelling the Soo Line in 2-Rail, from 5,000 miles away & 27 years too late.

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