Been meaning to start this thread for a while. One area that I think MTH is deficient in is Wood Chip and I-Beam cars. Now in my book I'm not exactly a rivet counter, and while the current wood chip car may not be exact, for me it is close enough!


So this is what I wish MTH would make when it comes to Wood Chip cars.


1. Montana Rail Link

2. Northern Pacific (different models than 1998 one)

3. Spokane, Portland & Seattle

4. Great Northern (different paint schemes, Big Sky Blue, black, etc..)

5. Wisconsin Central

6. Green Bay & Western

7. Individual paper/wood pulp compnaies in Wisconsin

8. Southern (differnet models)

9. SCL

10. ACL

11. Seaboard System

12. L & N

13. Western Pacific


There's much to be made but as a fan of Montana railroading...I do wish they would make some more Wood Chip cars. Now that leads us to the I-Beam. What I-Beam cars can MTH make?


1. Montana Rail Link

2. Northern Pacific

3. Great Northern Big Sky Blue

4. More BN different numbers...

5. Individual lumber companies in Pacific NW, WI, and SE

6. More Wisconsin Central

7. Western Pacific

8. Santa Fe

9. Southern Pacific

10. L & N

11. SCL

12. Seaboard System


Anyhow, this is an area that I think MTH is lagging.....do others of you agree?




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A few Western Maryland Wood chip cars would be ideal. I have been waiting for those for years.


If they did make a few, I would like to know what to "Do with them" in operations.

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There are several Center Partition Flat Cars

This is an accurate listing from all the observations I have made over the last 20 years.


Thrall Car 63'

Northern Pacific

Burlington Northern

Western Pacific

Union Pacific

Milwaukee Road


TTZX Trailer Train


Thrall Car 73' long

British Columbia Railway

TTZX Trailer Train



Gunderson 73' Long




I just ran across this photo of a Seaboard Air Line Wood Chip Hopper:



First time I've ever seen this.  They simply extended the sides/ends.  I wonder if it was removable or permanent?


Athearn made one similar in HO for ACL, but I think it was not prototypical.


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CN wood chip unloading


The Canadian National Wood chip gondolas have a rib pattern that is distinct for a large group of Canadian wood chip gondolas.


The end door opening and the bulldozer unloading would be the basis for a new accessory module that attaches to existing modular layouts.



I have seen some hoppers with old Southern marking on the siding near the old Potomac Yards.

Looked to be Hoppers with extended tops of the sides of the hopper. It would be an interesting project for someone with time and room.


You know what they say about those chip cars, You cannot have just one!

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Norfolk Southern had three-bay wood chip hoppers



The CSX Three-Bay Coke Hopper is very similar to the shape of many railroad's Three-Bay, four-bay, and Five-Bay Wood Chip Hoppers.






L&N had high-top three-bay hoppers for wood chips.





SCL had similar hoppers also.



Norfolk & Western wood chip hopper






Having Alan Graziano build me a paper plant, I was in need of some wood chip hoppers. Modeling the northeast, just about the only available car was the MTH Maine central version. To that, I added two BA hoppers that were made by fellow forum member, Brother Love. I believe he started with Atlas undecorated AAR boxcars and added Highball Graphic decals. Off the bay, I got a couple of Weaver wood chip car kits and again added Highball Graphics decals. Perhaps someday I will make some real wood chip loads for them.



ogr wood chip 1

ogr wood chip 2

ogr wood chip 3


Photos (3)

Center Partition Flat Cars in these roadnames are not likely.

These railroads had many Bulkhead Flat Cars.

8. Santa Fe

9. Southern Pacific

10. L & N

11. SCL

12. Seaboard System


Now CSXT and BNSF have obtained many new Center Partition Flat Cars since the 1980's and 1990's.


GNRR had bright blue Center Partition Flat Cars that look like Great Northern Big Sky Blue, but GNRR stand for Georgia Northern Railroad.



For a slew of reasons while I am ticked at MTH I would like to see many of the cars you posted made. There is a deficit in this area Andrew... I'm going to grab dinner and then I'll post again. :-)

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I'd like to see the center-beam flats done again. It would be nice to see some better loads for them. I contacted Grand Central Gems regarding doing their lumber loads in O scale and they said they're looking into it. All depends on how great the demand is. Here's the link: http://www.grandcentralgems.co...ity-lumber-loads.cfm



Wood chip cars are nice, but there were so many variants, it would be hard for MTH to do a lot of them accurately.

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Here's another Seaboard wood chip hopper:



Anyone know of any O gauge/scale cars that look like this?  Seems like I recall seeing a car with that shaft running along the bottom of the side.


Here's a link to what I think is the article Andrew mentioned above:






4+ years and STILL Having A Blast Running BPRC

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