Went to Barry's Train Shop in E-town, found a 325AC in a box of stuff, of course I had to buy it. It is in excellent shape physically, I put new contacts in the reverse unit, and cleaned the drum, redid some of the wiring. Works well, smokes decently, but needs a socket for the light. This is getting addicting, but with Lionel bringing out new Flyer, maybe this puts the "old" stuff out on the market, which is what I like. I now have two Reading locos, 302 and a 303, the aforementioned 325, a 315, and a 332AC. Plus enough cars, freight and passenger to fill an old truck under the table. Am on the lookout for a 342, but don't have my hopes up. Of course, you never know. I would like a couple diesels, but they seem pricier than the steam locos, and I know the EP-5's are out of range, for me. But, I enjoy what I have, have to buy some two rail Fastrak next, and run some of these acquisitions. Will put some photos in, if I get brave. Have a nice Easter/Passover, everyone!



Port Clinton, home of the Reading and Northern RR.

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Nice find Luke. You never know where you'll find the next bargain. There was an old antique dive less than a mile from my house. I had stopped in there a few years back and it was pretty dumpy so I wrote it off. They've been advertising lately so I decided what the heck, and stopped in. Glad I did. I found three gorgeous boxed Lionel sets in one booth for cheap. Felt good getting a great deal on some nice stuff for a change. I had a busy weekend!!





If you are interested in a NH EP-5 the newest version 48075 is probably the best to operate. It has 2 motors with the newer style trucks and the appearance with the black trucks and finish are superior. I have seen them on EBay occasionally go in the $200 range. Keep looking.



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