i have a post war 027 set, but it is anything but typical

I have not seen a variation such as this so bear with me. 1130 Locomotive Die cast, not plastic.  Has a slot cut into the top of the boiler for the two position E unit and plastic motor.  The motor in mine is a metal motor with a 3 position E unit with the lever pointed down.  The tender is packed in a box marked 6037 Caboose.  The marking for the caboose is lined out, and stamped in its place is the following, 1001 Tender.  And there is in fact a 1001 sheet metal coffin tender in the box with no whistle.  All cats have magnetic couplers.  What do I have here?  Set is nearly Mint in Box, with all individual boxes and set box.  What could be the value>  I bought it for a $100.00


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You have the early version of the engine. Here's a link to one sites take on the Lionel 1130.

The re-stamping of boxes is not too unusual.

No set number on the set box? It should have one.* List the cars, transformer, track, and any accessories and someone may find you leads for a more exacting answer.

* I don't know how prevalent it was, Lionel was local, and it was the highest grossing store in the country for years, but a Sears near here would assemble or swap cars for Lionel sets readily. Usually the paperwork reflected it. If there was a need for a bigger box, there was a "different" Lionel set box (A Lenny box) supplied to them by Lionel and Lionel/mpc; as well as a Lionel rep. and repairman there on certain days. He gaurded the use of those boxes well, stamped them himself all too. But I managed to con one from him eventually with no # markings when my X set's box got soaked and died in a flood.

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As far as the 1130 goes I think the key fact here is that the OP says his loco has the slot for the reverse unit fiber lever.  The 2034 die cast shell never had this slot, I believe.  

I've handled three die cast 1130's.  One I sold to a variation collector many years ago for a nice price.  Two I still have.  The one I sold and one of the ones I have did/does not have the slot in the top of the boiler.  The latest one I acquired does have the slot.  I thought maybe a redo by someone but I can't tell.  It's not a repaint and the 1130 stamping looks identical to the one without the slot.

Here are three 1130's from my for sale box.  The top one is cast without the slot.  A verified variation.  The middle one is the common plastic version with weights.  The bottom one is die cast but with the reverse lockout slot.

Maybe there are more die cast 1130's out there that have the slot?  Legitimate variation?  I don't know.DSC03704DSC03705DSC03706

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The set number is 1500, and is stamped on the set box.  BMCRAN4, the set you have pictured is exactly what I have, with the exception of the 1001 SCOUT coffin tender.  JOHNSGG1, the loco I have is the one in the bottom of your pictures.  The set I have is near mint.  Probably run maybe 1 Christmas season and out away since. 


A very beautiful set that you’ve found George I might say!


First off, I can confirm that this is a real production 1130 from 1953. It’s actually a later to last production instead of first. These were actually left over 1110’s used just after the 2034 ones were running out. Lionel was dumping all surplus diecast bodies of their scout line in prepping for the new plastic 1130 production. Boxes are correct too as many from that time were re-numbered in-stock clearance.

Some 1110 bodies that were used will have that “filled in” O slot in the front, while some have even been reported to have the older 1110 bodies as well. This is where the slot in the top of the body comes from on this variation.

I actively look for “scout” Lionel locomotives myself. This variation comes up about haft the time when I do find the die casted body ones. Being close to Chicago, this variation for die casted 1130's is common near me to find come up.

You got it for a good price if you paid only 100$ for the whole set. That's about what a plastic one goes for in such a condition near me. A set like yours that was at the last train show I went to sold for 200$ in the same shape. So you'll double your money for sure if you decide to sell it.

 The 1130 I got is a low run count and was bought in a complete set (no box) for 40$. I’ll post a few pictures of mine. There was an 1130 with the slot on top that came up for sale on EBay. Tried getting it but got out bid at the last min for 46.99$.

Hoped this helped you a bit George

P.S. My father’s name is George too!


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